Create Awareness

AD FORMAT   Pre Roll Video

OBJECTIVE      Raise awareness of the new program

METRIC           CPM

CATEGORY     Entertainment

PRODUCT       TV program

CAMPAIGN     Launch


In the lead up to the launch of a new TV program, our client wanted to create awareness online and were seeking cost-efficient reach to extend their TVC to an online audience. 

The challenge was to find a cost efficient reach while being highly targeted in contextually relevant environments.


YANGO’s approach impacted the target audience and met the campaign objectives:

  • Contextually relevant site lists – Documentaries, Arts, Culture, Drama & News 
  • Accessed YANGO private market places - Documentaries, Arts, Culture, Drama & News  
  • Layered 3rd party data & keyword targeting  
  • Creative Retargeting & built a “drama” cookie pool of users who completed the video that we can access when launching future Drama related releases  
  • Frequency capped (x3) to maximise reach


Achieved over and above set benchmarks and delivered a strong campaign that met all online campaign objectives. 


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