Financial Services

Increase ROI

AD FORMAT   Display  Banners

OBJECTIVE      Completed online applications

METRIC           CPA (cost per application)

CATEGORY     Financial services

PRODUCT       International money transfers

CAMPAIGN     Always On - Performance


Our client runs always on campaigns targeting very niche ex-pat audiences sending money to family and friends overseas.

We were seeing good result overall and hitting CPA (cost per acquisition) goals, however the overall result was being dragged down by the under-performing China vertical - it needed attention.


YANGO looked at a combination of advanced targeting and optimisation tactics to improve performance. 

We considered all available strategies and optimisations from across a range of technology providers selecting the best options to test with a view of to improving the CPA result. Our key focus was set on:

  • Chinese language targeting
  • Custom 3rd party data segments
  • Custom whitelists to target the Chinese community
  • Website & creative targeting.


Increased efficiency and better overall campaign performance. Our solution in addition to the existing targeting improved the CPA across the China vertical from $70 to less than $30 over three months. 


  • Achieved clients CPA goals
  • Delivered 67% increase in internal money transactions
  • Impacted over 5,000,000 users in the target market and increased product awareness in the Chinese ex-pat community.

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