Opportunities Multiply As Digital Natives Grow Up

Opportunities Multiply As Digital Natives Grow Up

By Nick Murdock, Commercial Director, YANGO Media

Where in the world is it all going? As the physical world becomes more complex, one of the most important aspects of the digital world is that it connects people who need something with people who have something.

For instance airbnb connects people who need a place to stay, with people who have a place to stay. Uber connects people who need a ride, with people who have a car. Likewise with the talent industry and theright.fit.

Changing budgets, faster need for campaigns to market, smaller and more frequent content pieces for brands mean instant access, greater choice and a streamlined process in hiring talent is necessary.

The question is, how has networked social groups and marketplaces merged to satisfy modern needs? Is it just a fad, or is it a true evolution of how we find and purchase things? Will this keep evolving into closer connections. And will advertising and marketing keep evolving to keep up with these changes?

I would say the opportunities for innovative, nimble companies in a connected world are significant.:

·      UBER- clean, reliable & quick transport

·      Air B&B - a more authentic holiday experience

·      The right fit - finding talent quickly & efficiently

There would seem little doubt these opportunities will continue as long as the new marketplaces are solving problems real problems for their customers, the business fundamentals don’t change just because its online or connected, it has to appeal to your customer and make their life easier.

Technology for the sake of it won’t last, but solving problems for your customers will and as long as you keep innovating, it can be sustainable. I only see the opportunity multiplying as digital natives (consumers that have only ever known a connected world) grow up, their spending power increases and digitally connected businesses continue to disrupt traditional business models. Online commerce will continue to grow, its an exciting time, there is so much opportunity around us right now. 

From an advertising & media point of view, how these new marketplaces are being promoted is always evolving, it has too, advertising by its nature will follow the consumer and their media consumption habits. One of the biggest growth areas we are seeing now is the growth of content marketing and the native ad units used to push that content out into online environments. Brands are investing heavily in new content (images, videos and written), shorter bite sized pieces for websites and social channels and we see brands now looking to link this content production to media and ecommerce as brands look for ROI on their content marketing programs. The lines between ads and content is becoming increasingly blurred, its being forced to by the proliferation of ad blocking and the failure so far to find user friendly ad experiences on mobile devices (with some exceptions).

As traditional online ad units become less effective, native ad units present an opportunity for brands, certainly we are seeing good results with our clients. There should always be a commercial objective with brand funded content and we are seeing smart brands using channels (such as native & social) to push that content out while looking to elicit an action from the consumer, it’s a two way street. The brand provides insightful, useful or entertaining content to an interested audience and the consumer responds by engaging with the brand, generating a lead, sale or spending more time with brand.

It all points to an ongoing need for professionally produced brand funded content and the need to do it quickly and efficiently, suppliers who can help make that happen are well placed, enter the right fit.  


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